Understanding the Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are widespread. It’s what makes a player come back to the same site. Casinos know this and use it to their best. The most popular ones are welcome bonuses that you get when you first sign up for a game on a new site. And you can get as much as a 100% bonus or even more. But there’s always a catch, and as a new player, you must understand the T&Cs.

Most of the time, it’s usually too late before the player notes the catch. It would be best if you met the conditions first. Wagering requirements usually accompany a bonus. A wagering requirement is simply the number of times the casino allows you to play before making any cash withdrawal.

In this article, we look at the different bonuses offered and try to understand them individually. For starters, each casino site offers a unique bonus to ensure that you commit to their site. The offers can be very tempting and, sometimes, too good to be true.

What to look for in bonuses

1. The size of the bonus

With most bonuses, you must look at the amount they offer. It can be cash bonuses or percentages, the more significant the amount, the better. As a rule, look into the bonuses that allow you to deposit low amounts and still get an impressive bonus. For example, with as little a $5 deposit, and you get up to 30 bonus offers, then that’s a good bonus. It would be best if you went for bonuses with a 100% bonus.

2. Go through the wagering requirements

Some requirements may be impossible to achieve. But sometimes, it is pretty hard to note the small details—an excellent example of the term that is used in the offer. A site may offer you a bonus and ask you to wager x10 times the deposit and the bonus. Please don’t assume that it means ten times because it doesn’t. It means 20times. If you’re not careful, you will fall victim to the ignorance of the terms.

3. How long is it valid?

With a wagering requirement of say, 60 times, the validity period needs to be reasonable enough to accommodate the requirement. But if the water is 60 and valid for only 24hours, it’s unrealistic to accept the offer. Look for a bonus with enough time. Remember, it’s not a must you accept a bonus. You should move on if it doesn’t suit you.

4. Games offered

Not all bonuses are for any games; some have specific games that you should play. You must go through the list of games and find one you like to play. That way, it won’t be hard fulfilling the wager requirements, and you still have fun.

But that’s not all. Ensure you go through all the T&Cs and clearly understand them detail by detail. You mustn’t ignore even minute details. And as an added precaution, only accept deals from legal sites.

Here are the top types of bonuses available:

5. Free spins

Free spins are a rising trend in most online casinos. Free spins are usually offered to existing players, but lately, even new players. It’s to make you try out the different video slots available. When a slot comes out, you get a free spin to make you try them. Although some do come with wagering requirements, most of them do not, that’s what makes them so popular. Free spins can be in various forms, including cash spins.

To make the deal even sweeter, a casino can offer you no deposit free spins. But it doesn’t end there. You can get a welcome bonus with as many spins as possible. Sometimes even up to 100 spins. And depending on the T&Cs, you can withdraw the winnings you stem from them.

Other sights will offer more than 70 spins, and you can claim as much as $100 based on the terms and conditions offered on their sights. The offers will change concerning the competitions and the wins to the withdrawals made by their playing customers.

6. Welcome bonuses

As mentioned in the intro, these are the most common ones. Some sites use the term sign in bonuses, but they mean the same thing. Every site offers it once to a player, and this includes a bonus is a deposit bonus. You get the offer as soon as you make your first deposit. The most site offers 100% bonuses, and it doubles your deposit immediately.

Although the wagering requirements differ from site to site, most require you to play with all the bonuses you get before you can withdraw or spend a fixed period on the site. Especially if the offer is significant, the good news here is that; jackpots are usually not far away, and you can win big with this offer.

The offer may be lower in some sites than others but still carry the same benefits before accepting a welcome bonus, fish around for the best one available.

7. No deposit bonuses

It’s also a sign-up bonus just that it doesn’t require you to deposit anything. But you still need to sign up for an account to get the bonus. Interestingly, it means you can gamble freely at an online casino. And to top it all, it’s the right way for you to try the sample version in a trial and error game. It’s a fun way to find out which games you like. You have nothing to lose.

What makes this the best offer is the fact that you can still win big using it. But before withdrawing, you must make a deposit first. And go through the T&C and wagering requirements as well.

8. Multiple deposit bonuses

Like the term, the more deposits you make, the more bonuses you get. And most of them come in the form of cash bonuses. It’s a favorite in the gambling world as most believe that the more they get, the better. You can get free cash up to the 5th deposit you make. Amazing right?

9. Payment method bonuses

You can earn this bonus when you make payments using the preferred methods of a casino. Typically, the casino provides a list of payment options for you to choose from it. It’s pretty standard, and it’s mostly to make more and more people use the methods. That is still great because you earn by not doing much.

10. High roller bonuses

It’s more of a VIP bonus. If you go big on deposits and take gambling seriously enough, then this is a bonus for you. High rollers are mostly not pleased with small bonuses, considering the amount of cash they spend playing, and bigger bonuses suit them. Most casinos offer these bonuses for high stake games.

But that’s the only perks high rollers enjoy. Casinos also tend to offer holiday tickets or sports events tickets as bonuses. Sometimes, you can win electronics. Interestingly, these offers are open to everyone—the more time you spend in these casinos, the higher your chances of getting these bonuses.

Bonuses are a great way to get yourself near big jackpots. If you use your bonuses wisely, the possibilities of winning are endless. But all in all, choose these bonuses well. You don’t have to take all the bonuses. Only accept the ones that best work for you and possible for you to win big. And a good thing to look for is the credibility of an online casino. If an online casino site is shady, then withdraw as soon as possible to prevent making losses. Otherwise, have fun the next time you play and use the tips on this article to make your gambling skills even better.