The Casino Games that Offer the Best Odds

The Five Games That Offer The Best Casino Odds and Why They Made It To The List

Every player wants to play something where the odds are in their favour. How do you make a choice when just about everyone has put in their two cents’ worth? It is challenging to say the least. That is why we have been speaking to some casino game experts on the subject. Casino experts tend to base their opinions in an objective way, which is why we chose to speak to a few for today’s content.

The House Edge

The first thing we have to do is explain the house edge. Some players get very confused as to what it means and how it impacts them. The house edge is what the casino makes a profit from based on the player’s bet. Everyone says to think long-term, but for some of the games, the player can be at a disadvantage. There are two reasons for that. One, the payouts you get are not considered factual based on the house odds. That means you usually get less money in the overall scheme of things. Two, most players have more of a losing streak than a winning streak. What does that mean? Players will(statistically) have a better shot at losing over a long period. In other words, the house edge is not designed in your favour. It is not meant to be. The casino has to make their money somehow. The one thing that can increase your chances is knowing how to play your game of choice. The odds are not going to just magically appear in your favour. You can beat the house odds, you just have the know-how. You also have to understand that gaining the house edge in your favour is an uphill climb. You have to place bets on the games that will be in your favour and know how much. Now, you are not going to become a millionaire doing that. You will(to put things into perspective) increase your bankroll in small amounts over time. Below you will find a few games where the house edge does work in your favour.

1) American Roulette

You can play the in-house versions or go online and stream tables live. The house edge is a little over 5%. There are two more versions of Roulette, but this comes first due to the higher per cent. American Roulette has 38 pockets. The double zeroes increase the odds of you winning at a much higher probability rate. The return for playing is about 95%, even though their odds of losing versus winning are increased. That is why this game is in the top five or ten games players choose.

2) Caribbean Stud Poker

The casino’s house edge is less than 4% if you use optimal strategies. Players, according to many casino experts, have folded 47% of the time and raised more than 50%. Dealer’s hands are going to disqualify at least 23% of the time. The dealer only wins maybe 13% of the time. Those are very good odds if you think about it. There are two rules you have to follow for that to work. It is best to raise when you have a pair or higher. You have to fold if you have less than the dealer. Say, for example, the dealer’s hand is an Ace and King. Anyone who has less than that has to fold. In most cases, there is nothing more than that. Once the dealer has that, it is game over. You are done. That is why most casino experts say that you need a very good strategy for the odds to work in your favour. That is also what puts this game in the top five.

3) Three-Card Poker

This is another example where the house edge is less than 4% if you play your cards right(no pun intended). The dealer will only qualify to win if he or she has a Queen or higher. That is what makes the odds work in your favour (for the most part). However, if the dealer does not qualify, you only get a 1 to 1 ratio payout for the ante, and that is still better than a lot of games. The reason this game works in your favour is due to the higher cards being the winner. It is usually the other way around for dealers.

4) European Roulette

The casino advantage here is only 2.7%. The losing streak might be lower here, but you still have to play carefully. You land on a red or black zero, you are done. You will have a much better outcome for playing French Roulette. The reason is that there are even odds with zero.

5) BlackJack

The casino edge here is less than 1%. However, you do have to play using skills and at least a basic strategy. Almost every skilled BlackJack player has turned their losses into wins over a longer period. This is one game where longevity does work in your favour. The other way to make sure you have the edge over the house is knowing the rules. There are different variations of BlackJack and not every version works the same. You have to know how the table rules work if you want more wins than losses. Otherwise, the house will take the edge, and you lose. You also have to remember that splitting and doubling is going to require more money for the bet. That also means more risk. You have to make sure your strategy is lined up with the basic rules and strategies for the table. The other difference is knowing that the dealer reshuffles before every hand. Playing in a live casino is different. The dealer plays the hand until the mark is hit. That basic difference plays a role in whether or not you have a desired edge over the house or not.