Pokie games: How to get high rewards with lower risk

Pokie machines are a type of gambling game that is very popular in casinos. They are also known as slot machines or fruit machines. Pokies come in many different themes and offer different ways to win, but they all have one thing in common – they can be very addicting and extremely rewarding if you know how to play them correctly. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get high rewards from playing pokies without putting yourself at too much risk.

The risks when it comes to playing Pokies in New Zealand

Slot machines known as “pokies” can be found by the thousands in New Zealand. Typical of nightlife establishments. One slot machine for every seventy-five adults can be found in various parts of New Zealand. Keep in mind that many people do not play the pokies, but even so, the average adult gambler puts in roughly $200 each year.
Even though a sizable minority faces difficulties controlling their gambling habits, the average gambler only spends approximately $54 per year, or about 54 cents per day, at the pokies. It’s like asking how many Kiwis buy coffee every day for 54 cents. Therefore, the claim that thousands of people are being driven into poverty because of pokie gambling is absurd.
Pokies are required by law to provide at least 40% of their profits back to the community in the form of grants, so a good chunk of that daily 54 cents goes right back to the community.

The Benefits of Pokies

To that end, how likely are you to win at a pokie machine in a bar or pub? Actually, hard to determine from the numbers. One in 97 million seems to be the average chance of winning a huge jackpot at a pokie, according to some estimates. They believe you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning large at the pokies, yet lightning hits New Zealand up to 50,000 times a year, and many individuals get struck every year or two. In the same way, pokies in New Zealand function the same way. Wins of $500 or more are common, and occasionally a large win occurs.
Players of pokies need to keep an eye out for the machines themselves, and more precisely, the rules that govern a slot machine. Some progressive jackpots can be won only by wagering on the maximum number of lines, which can range from 50 to 200. It is possible to lose a lot of money playing those machines. The standing of the charity that is providing funding for the pokies in the community is another factor to think about.
Organizations in this category are only required to pay out between 74% and 92% of the money collected from slot machines. However, information travels fast in the gambling world, so if a company does not pay at least 90% of the payoff, the customers will simply go elsewhere to gamble.

Why You Should Play Pokies

The great majority of New Zealanders who play pokies only bet the maximum of $20 per spin. Although there are exceptions, most people do not spend all day at the casino or even borrow money from their landlord just to play the slot machines.
Most people gamble for fun and as a way to temporarily escape their everyday lives. Most people’s time spent at the pokies is spent mingling with others. The risks are low compared to the potential gains: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a few beers shared amongst friends.
One other perspective is to evaluate the value of this leisure activity about other types of group outings. If you go to the movies, plan on spending at least $20, and probably more. No one at the theatre is standing by with a $100-$500 gift card to thank you for seeing yet another instalment in the Fast and Furious series.
The same holds for purchasing a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine. Drinking at home is indeed far more cost-effective than going to a bar. However, they go to a pub for the social aspect and are willing to pay more because of it.
People visit bars and clubs for the social atmosphere, and the presence of pokie machines is a bonus, not a drawback, to this experience. For one reason, people are not as likely to resort to physical violence against one another while they are out in public, such as at a club or bar.


Therefore, pokies provide the typical person with a low-risk, high-reward opportunity to test their luck. People don’t buy them to get rich or of telling their boss to “suck it and resign” the next day. People enjoy gambling on pokies because it’s an escape from their daily lives, and the same people who want to shut them down are also likely to want to ban booze or put a 50 per cent tax on sugary drinks. Slot machines, or pokies, are ubiquitous in New Zealand.