The Best Online Slots in New Zealand

There are fewer land-based casinos in New Zealand, but with the online slots, playing is made and available everywhere and anywhere at your own time. You can play many games online with your phone, computer, or tablet. Each game has its set rules and guidelines that you need to understand before attempting to play. With the slot machine, you can always bet on the outcome of the spins to win. When you are new in the betting world, it is wise looking out for minimum deposit casinos in New Zealand that can offer free spins promotions to try the game before you gain confidence. With the availability of many online slots choosing a game can be challenging. To help you with that, we will discuss the best online slots in New Zealand to choose from

Gods of Gold InfiniReels

Gods of Gold InfiniReels is a famous game in New Zealand among those who like historical themes. The setting of the game is of the tomb of the great king-pharaoh of Mesopotamia. NetEnt developed this game, and it consists of 27 pay lines. It has three reels that you use to start the game, and for you to win, more reels should be added. It also has a mini-map that guides you in playing and a symbol counter that shows the winning length of the symbols in display and how to win through a given symbol. The symbols in this game are either of low or high value with inclusions of both gemstones and god characters. Each character is four in number. You can bet with a minimum of 20p and a maximum of 200 dollars in each spin with autoplay allowing you 1000 spins as the top choice. Only four reels can display wild symbols, and you can earn 160 times the original amount your bet for a 10-symbol combo. There’s a wild symbol that you can use in place of the other symbols except scatter, and it starts to appear on the fourth reel. With three scatter icons on the reel, you get free spins to earn you up to 20 spins. When you have re-spins, which randomly comes when the winning combination is over, and the increase of reels stop, you have a guarantee of winning. The jackpot, which is 25000 times the original bet in each spin, is the maximum win limit.

Major Millions Progressive

If you are looking for a game that will make you a millionaire faster, try the Major Millions Progressive. Major Millions Progressive is developed by Microgaming. The slot game has an army theme with 15 pay lines that are fixed and five reels. The scatter symbols are the only paying symbols that can earn you in whatever place they are on the reels. The symbols in this game are medals, top-secret, major cap, and bar ammunition. Even though it has several scatter coins, they cannot earn bonus features but can pay you regardless of their place on the reels. The wilds symbols, which can replace the other symbols excluding scatter, can earn you triple your bet. Also, with three symbols in one pay line, you can earn 80 coins. You can place a bet of 15 coins per spin with each coin having a minimum value of 0.2 and a maximum of 3. To use the autoplay in this game, play using the expert mode, and to know the meter for earning jackpot game, look at the top of the screen. To win in the first round, have three same symbols land on the first three reels and increase your win size land from four symbols because a more significant number of symbols earn you more coins. Note that scatter earnings are added to the pay line wins and know that scatter wins are multiplied by the original bet you place on the spin. Also, to win a jackpot in this game, you must have five wilds landing on the 15th pay lines. You also need to place the highest bet to win.

Royals Mint Megaways

Royals Mint Megaways is created by the Big Time Gaming and has the British royal mint features with excellent visuals that include cherry blossom trees and a royal mint house. The game incorporates an audio song to reduce boredom when playing. It has six reels,117649 pay lines, and seven symbols with two reels as a bonus of 1 by 4 for the regions over or under it but get the Tripple reaction trigger. To play, first, choose the betting price for the spin. After that, hit the play button using a single reel spin, but you can also use the autoplay button to play with a maximum of 100 spins automatically. Royal mint has alphabetic symbols like M, I, N, and T with low-value cards being 9,10, K, Q, A, and J. the symbols of higher values are in Green, purple, blue, and red colors. With six purple gemstones, you can win 50 times the bet, and a regular win requires just two purple stones. The game also includes free spins, reactions, and heart-stopper. If you get free spins, which is the scatter symbol containing MINT’s correct spelling, you earn 12 free spins. Scatter earns a golden bar, and if you earn 40 gold bars, you get more scatters in each spin until the next round of free spin, which is a heart-stopper. For multiplier, three will earn four free spins that will each earn three more free spins.

The White Rabbit Megaways

Constructed by the Big Time Gaming company, the White Rabbit has good bonuses, with a high earning possibility of more than 10000 times the bet you place. It has a pay line between 16807 and 248832 with five reels and includes an autoplay option, Tweedledum, Dodo, Mad hatter, and Tweedledee. It includes symbols of royal cards and colored gems with low-value cards ranging from 9 to Ace and the medium value consisting of red, green, and blue gems. The maximum value symbol with a win of 25 times the original bet is the Red Queen. It has to scatter symbols of march hare, so when you land on reels from 2 in a spin, you activate the Rabbit Hole that earns you free 15 spins. The wilds multiply 4 of the lands from 2, giving you up to 81 times the bet and earning free spins, which is the Rabbit hole. The cupcakes have to land the reels to get two new symbols that increase by one. Caterpillar wilds wake up unexpectedly to blow smoke rings and earn bonus wild when they land on the reels can multiple 2-3 times when you add similar wilds. To extend the reels, they have to be 12 triggered symbols to earn 3-12 free spins and the drop which allows players to buy free spins at a price that is 100 times the highest value when they have enough balance. If you land on Red Queen, you will win 25 times the bet of five symbols in a played line


Knowing the best online slot games will help you know which one to place a bet on to avoid losing your money. Look at each game’s features, their maximum win, and the one that is easy to play to help you settle for a game that will be fun playing and multiply your bet.