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An awesome way to wager off your money on something exciting. Nz Spinning wheels offer you a lot of gaming options which allow you to have some of the best experience which allow you to enjoy your night even when you are not in a casino.

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Games which will allow you to stay at your best when you are looking to make sure that you have the right place to give your luck a chance.

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Experience live gaming like no other, which will allow you to play live card games while competing against a dealer for a wholesome experience.

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Poker but in the video, well brace yourself for some of the most exciting poker games which will get you through the understanding of playing the right games.

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Pokie games: How to get high rewards with lower risk

Pokie machines are a type of gambling game that is very popular in casinos. They are also known as slot machines or fruit machines. Pokies come in many different themes and offer different ways to win, but they all have one thing in common – they can be very addicting and extremely rewarding if you know how to play them correctly. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get high rewards from playing pokies without putting yourself at too much risk.

The risks when it comes to playing Pokies in New Zealand

Slot machines known as “pokies” can be found by the thousands in New Zealand. Typical of nightlife establishments. One slot machine for every seventy-five adults can be found in various parts of New Zealand. Keep in mind that many people do not play the pokies, but even so, the average adult gambler puts in roughly $200 each year.
Even though a sizable minority faces difficulties controlling their gambling habits, the average gambler only spends approximately $54 per year, or about 54 cents per day, at the pokies. It’s like asking how many Kiwis buy coffee every day for 54 cents. Therefore, the claim that thousands of people are being driven into poverty because of pokie gambling is absurd.
Pokies are required by law to provide at least 40% of their profits back to the community in the form of grants, so a good chunk of that daily 54 cents goes right back to the community.

The Benefits of Pokies

To that end, how likely are you to win at a pokie machine in a bar or pub? Actually, hard to determine from the numbers. One in 97 million seems to be the average chance of winning a huge jackpot at a pokie, according to some estimates. They believe you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning large at the pokies, yet lightning hits New Zealand up to 50,000 times a year, and many individuals get struck every year or two. In the same way, pokies in New Zealand function the same way. Wins of $500 or more are common, and occasionally a large win occurs.
Players of pokies need to keep an eye out for the machines themselves, and more precisely, the rules that govern a slot machine. Some progressive jackpots can be won only by wagering on the maximum number of lines, which can range from 50 to 200. It is possible to lose a lot of money playing those machines. The standing of the charity that is providing funding for the pokies in the community is another factor to think about.
Organizations in this category are only required to pay out between 74% and 92% of the money collected from slot machines. However, information travels fast in the gambling world, so if a company does not pay at least 90% of the payoff, the customers will simply go elsewhere to gamble.

Why You Should Play Pokies

The great majority of New Zealanders who play pokies only bet the maximum of $20 per spin. Although there are exceptions, most people do not spend all day at the casino or even borrow money from their landlord just to play the slot machines.
Most people gamble for fun and as a way to temporarily escape their everyday lives. Most people’s time spent at the pokies is spent mingling with others. The risks are low compared to the potential gains: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a few beers shared amongst friends.
One other perspective is to evaluate the value of this leisure activity about other types of group outings. If you go to the movies, plan on spending at least $20, and probably more. No one at the theatre is standing by with a $100-$500 gift card to thank you for seeing yet another instalment in the Fast and Furious series.
The same holds for purchasing a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine. Drinking at home is indeed far more cost-effective than going to a bar. However, they go to a pub for the social aspect and are willing to pay more because of it.
People visit bars and clubs for the social atmosphere, and the presence of pokie machines is a bonus, not a drawback, to this experience. For one reason, people are not as likely to resort to physical violence against one another while they are out in public, such as at a club or bar.


Therefore, pokies provide the typical person with a low-risk, high-reward opportunity to test their luck. People don’t buy them to get rich or of telling their boss to “suck it and resign” the next day. People enjoy gambling on pokies because it’s an escape from their daily lives, and the same people who want to shut them down are also likely to want to ban booze or put a 50 per cent tax on sugary drinks. Slot machines, or pokies, are ubiquitous in New Zealand.

Why New Zealanders Prefer Online Casinos

Gamblers are ecstatic about the rise of online casinos since they provide a quick and easy way to enjoy casino games. If you’re a gambler from New Zealand, playing at an online casino is preferable to visiting a brick-and-mortar casino. Online casinos have several advantages over going to brick-and-mortar casinos. You’re probably wondering why those who gamble would rather play at an online casino than a traditional one. Okay, so let’s get going.

Accessibility and simplicity of use

When you play online, it doesn’t take long at all to get to the games you want to play. People living in New Zealand are fortunate in that they are not prevented from signing up with international gambling sites. If an online casino is produced and regulated by a trustworthy software provider, then every gambler can play any game they like.
You can enjoy your favourite online casino games whenever you choose. So, you’ve got the day off and you’re incredibly anxious and exhausted. Before turning in for the night, you can play a video game in your room if you choose. If you want to play casino games, all you have to do is visit a reputable online casino and select a game. You can’t do this at brick-and-mortar casinos. Here, you’ll need a sizable emergency fund to cover expenses like airfare, hotel stays, and meals. Because of the ban on land-based casinos in the country of New Zealand, you’ll also need to drive for more than 6 hours to reach the nearest land-based casino. You could find the long trip inconvenient.

Various Game Options

There are hundreds of online casinos available to gamers, each with its own unique set of games and bonuses. When gambling online in New Zealand, players are not restricted to a small selection of games, as is sometimes the case in traditional casinos. If you don’t feel like playing the same game over and over again, the casino will let you switch to something else.
Similarly, there are plenty of alternative online casinos to choose from if a certain one doesn’t feature your desired game. You may play poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, and more at an online casino.
In contrast, physical casinos have restrictions on how often you may play each game. There are hardly any slot machines or table games to be found. Finding the location of these games can be a major pain. You’ll have a hard time locating the slot machine of your liking if you wish to play a game. Changing from one game mode to another also necessitates a change in starting locations.

Promotions and Bonuses

The attractive incentives offered by online casinos have greatly increased their popularity among New Zealand gamblers. Due to the minimal costs of upkeep and game creation, the company can earn a healthy profit, which they then reinvest in the form of large rebates for their clients. Hundreds of online casinos vie for customers’ attention and bankrolls. Online casinos use strategies to attract new customers and keep existing ones.
New customers at online casinos often receive free spins and other bonuses to try out the site. Online casinos offer generous incentives to current customers in the form of bonuses to retain them. They can choose from a wide variety of bonuses, including those for making the first deposit, having that amount doubled, trying the service for free, and referring friends. Prizes, free coupons, and invitations to local tournaments are just some of the perks that players can reap for their efforts. Moreover, casinos will often reward regular high-stakes gamblers with VIP status and a variety of additional benefits if they stick around.
But land-based casinos provide fewer freebies. They have a lot of slot machines, tables, and enormous structures to keep up. Land-based casinos are likewise scarce, therefore the industry is not oversaturated with betting establishments. As a result, brick-and-mortar gambling establishments don’t feel the need to offer as many incentives to their patrons.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

Changing countries and currencies is necessary if you wish to gamble in a land-based casino. If you want to keep playing at a land-based casino but have run out of cash, you’ll have to get up and go get some more. In contrast, many online casinos let you choose from several different payment methods and use a wide range of currencies.
After logging in, you can fund your account with funds in your native currency. In online casinos, you can choose from a variety of electronic money transmission methods. Credit cards, digital wallets, wire transfers, and even cold hard cash are all viable payment methods. These choices are simple, quick, and effective. They’re all working on ways to streamline the experience for internet gamblers.

Play for Free

Many online casinos offer to practice games that can be played without risking any of the player’s own money. This strategy is perfect for first-timers who want to learn the ropes of a specific game without having to risk any cash. To increase interest in a brand-new game, a casino may provide it for free as part of a promotional campaign. Online casinos with minimum deposits attract players with little financial resources.
However, low rollers can win big if they’re lucky. Land-based casinos, on the other hand, are a bit different. The costs associated with maintaining a traditional casino are very substantial. If they want to keep going, they need to find ways to boost their return on investment. For instance, to encourage gamblers to spend more money at their establishments, many brick-and-mortar casinos have upped the stakes on some games. Many potential customers are turned off by this and instead choose to play at online or mobile casinos.

Customer Support

A help desk is available 24/7 at the most reputable online casinos to handle player inquiries. There is a great deal of value in open lines of communication between a company and its clientele. Players who are having trouble with their online casino should contact customer service. Online casinos with a good reputation in New Zealand are the ones that attract the most customers.
Withdrawing cash, selecting a game, discovering a bonus offer, finding the terms and conditions, and understanding these are just a few of the many difficulties where players will need assistance. When interacting with brick-and-mortar casinos, they might have to wait longer for responses. Players at online casinos have the option of contacting customer service by email, live chat, or phone.


Online gamblers can play any game they like from any location using just about any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, etc.). There is a large variety of games, generous bonuses, and convenient deposit options for players. Online casinos provide low-stakes players with the chance to enjoy a variety of games, including the ability to practise for free before committing to a real-money wager.

How to Gamble Like a Pro in New Zealand

Want to up your game in the casino? Whether you’re a professional gambler or just want to learn more about the fun game, this article is for you. We’ll go through everything you need to know, from how to manage your bankroll to which games to play to how to pick the winners. Applying our tips, you’ll soon be betting like a pro.

Bet Smart by Picking the Right Games

There’s no foolproof strategy for winning at the casino. The odds of success are slim, but they can be increased by taking certain measures. The selection of suitable gambling games is crucial.
Some games are more ideal for casinos than others. In this article, we’ll examine the qualities that make certain games ideal for gambling.
First, you need to define what makes a game suitable for gambling before you can choose the finest ones to wager on. For those who want to get their feet wet with some simpler fare before diving headfirst into the gambling action, we offer the following three games.
If you’re going to gamble, and you’re going to a casino in the United States, your best bet is on blackjack. There’s a good reason why gambling establishments prioritise this game. The reason is that, with practice, it’s trivial to win. An experienced player can reduce the house edge to as low as 1.5% in blackjack. This is one reason why blackjack is such a popular gambling game.
If you’re going to gamble, slots are your best bet by a long shot. For several reasons, this is the case. First and foremost, slot machines offer the greatest payouts. Slot machines offer the smallest house edge of any casino game. The odds of winning large with a slot machine are extremely high.
Slot machines are great for gambling because players have a lot of control over how much money they wager.
You can’t talk about gambling without mentioning poker. Since the late 1800s, it has consistently held the title of “most popular casino game in the world.” You can see why in the data. Compared to other gambling games, the house edge in poker is tiny. That is to say, the odds of success for participants are generally favourable. Specifically, the house edge in Texas Hold ‘Em is 3.5% while playing a regular game.
The odds are a major factor. Your ability to gain money from gambling on a game is strongly influenced by the odds, which reveal your winning prospects.

Improve Your Gambling Performance

There are some strategies you can adopt to improve your odds at the casino. Learn the techniques and odds of the games you intend to play first. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to make more informed wagers and recognise when to cut your losses.
Avoid getting emotionally or financially invested in the game by establishing boundaries beforehand. You should also limit your alcohol intake before, during, and after gaming because it can impair your judgement.
Being a professional gambler comes with the additional challenge of avoiding the temptation to wager compulsively. Because of this, it’s crucial to recognise your limitations and bail out before you drown. Gambling addiction may be devastating, both personally and professionally. Be mindful of the games you choose to play when gambling.
Gambling when you’re not in the right frame of mind can lead to making poor judgments that may cost you in the long run, so it’s best to stay away from it if you’re feeling down or strapped for cash.
Instead of being sorry, it’s better to be safe. This should be the guiding principle of each successful bettor. For those times when you just have to take a chance, you’ve been warned. It’s preferable to play it safe and have a high sense of self-worth than to take a chance and feel bad about yourself.

Financial planning for the gamblers

Money management skills are crucial for gamblers. Successful money management allows a gambler to play for a longer amount of time without having to stop. A gambler who can keep playing despite falling further and further behind will benefit from this as well. However, a gambler with poor bankroll management may be unable to continue playing for long.
After all, is said and done, it aids in keeping you on track and stops you from gambling away your hard-earned cash on a game you have little to no knowledge of. This will keep your gambling money separate from your other funds and securities.


To be a successful gambler, you must master every aspect of the game. When playing sports like soccer, for instance, it’s important to have a well-rounded skill set that includes both offence and defence. There isn’t a single way to explain or explain away this concept. But before you start your online gambling adventure, make sure you are well-versed in casino etiquette. Gambling in a casino is more than simply a game. All casino games, including slots, blackjack, and poker, adhere to a set of rules that must be followed at all times.

The Ultimate Guide to Casino Gambling In New Zealand

Welcome! If you’re reading this post, it’s because you have at least some interest in casino gambling. Casinos are a huge part of the New Zealand entertainment industry, so being familiar with their rules and etiquette is crucial for anyone who lives here. Whether you’re just visiting NZ on holiday or are planning to move here for an extended period of time, it’s important that you have basic knowledge of how the local casinos are run.

1. Overview of New Zealand Casinos

There are several casinos in New Zealand. These are the casinos in New Zealand, their location, and the number of gaming tables they have.

A Kiwi Slots Experience

A Casino Slots casino is similar to a regular casino except it has slot machines driven through every 20 minutes to keep the games flowing. Each machine has two choices: King or Queen. A regular slot machine will have 2 options, face up or face down. If the players wish to play a game, they take money from the machine and slide it onto the top of the machine where a number is displayed. If they wish to play a game, and the numbers are greater than 4, they win the money. If the numbers are greater than 8, they lose money. If the number is less than 3, the players lose the money. If there are not enough numbers to play, the machine shows the numbers 0 – 9 counting from 1. If there are more numbers than 9, they put the numbers 10 – 99 and write out the entire set, and the players win.

Crown Gaming

Crown Gaming is the largest casino in New Zealand, suitable for both big funds and smaller players, and has the biggest casino floor area and biggest gaming machines in New Zealand. Crown Gaming also has odds, something I didn’t know existed in the gambling world. They are the only casinos in New Zealand to offer odds and anyone playing a game who wishes to win must pay a stated stake to the house. Establishments such as Vodina, Rainbow Mazacas, Casino del Monte Caribe, Kiwi Gaming, and Ancestry Cards give you access to such offers.

Guide to gambling in New Zealand

2. Rules and etiquette of casinos in New Zealand

New Zealand casinos have rules and etiquette that you should be aware of before you enter. Here are some things you need to know:

  1. Never touch a chip unless you plan to use it. If a chip is in front of you and you don’t plan on betting with it, make sure you throw it away.
  2. Never touch another player’s cards. Don’t pass your hands through theirs. This — above all else — hurts our feelings and is very disrespectful.
  3. Laugh if someone cracks a joke. This signals to the rest of the table that you have some social intelligence.
  4. Speak calmly and clearly — don’t make eye contact with another player. Doing so will make it difficult for you to communicate effectively or even understand what they’re saying.
  5. If you think you have a better chance of winning something by putting a bet, don’t bet. It’s against the rules and you risk being disadvantageous to yourself by taking more risks.

3. How to play casino games

The most important thing to do when playing casino games is to set a budget and stick to it. Set a limit of how much you’re willing to spend and then stick to that amount. Betting more than you can afford to lose is one of the worst things you can do because it makes it much easier to lose more than you can afford. As with any area of casino gambling, everything starts with the basics. Set up your boarding pass and check-in machine and show the operator (see the local terms and conditions to know what this means) that you are willing and able to play. Finally, play the game and adjust accordingly. Once you have won a minimum of 25 games, the operator will replace you with another player. By following these steps, you should manage to dominate and win gamers from all corners of the world, properly respecting the rules and the spirit of the game.

4. Tips for winning casino games

Casino games can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. To have a good time playing casino games, you have to learn the rules, the strategies, and how to control your emotions. If you have a good understanding of the basics, you’ll be able to have a good time playing casino games. However, just because you know the rules, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will win any money. If you plan on playing on your own (or if hiring a manager to oversee your play at the casino), know that this could be a long, frustrating, and trial-and-error process. There are also legal implications to keep in mind, especially if you are working with top-level company officials or if you are directly dealing with the government. You can profit more playing blackjack at a bar, but that doesn’t mean you should because it’s against the terms of your visa.

5. Casino scams and how to avoid them

There are a few scams that casinos like to use to get more money out of you, and they’re all pretty easy to avoid. The first is the ATM scam. You’ll be walking through the casino and an employee will ask you if you’re playing that day. If you say “yes,” the employee will ask for your credit card, and within seconds of giving it to them, the machine will spit out hundreds of dollars. It’s not hard to block the machine from spitting out money; simply write down the serial number (and purchase a new one if necessary) and ask the employee for your PIN. There are two other scams that are common at casinos: booking a table (which requires bringing your own) and playing a slot machine and pocket lottery. Avoid these strategies and be aware that you can be refused a slot machine if it’s full.

All in all, learning the gambling laws from the government and local municipalities, and just following common sense is a good bet for staying safe and profiting from your stay in New Zealand.


The Casino Games that Offer the Best Odds

The Five Games That Offer The Best Casino Odds and Why They Made It To The List

Every player wants to play something where the odds are in their favour. How do you make a choice when just about everyone has put in their two cents’ worth? It is challenging to say the least. That is why we have been speaking to some casino game experts on the subject. Casino experts tend to base their opinions in an objective way, which is why we chose to speak to a few for today’s content.

The House Edge

The first thing we have to do is explain the house edge. Some players get very confused as to what it means and how it impacts them. The house edge is what the casino makes a profit from based on the player’s bet. Everyone says to think long-term, but for some of the games, the player can be at a disadvantage. There are two reasons for that. One, the payouts you get are not considered factual based on the house odds. That means you usually get less money in the overall scheme of things. Two, most players have more of a losing streak than a winning streak. What does that mean? Players will(statistically) have a better shot at losing over a long period. In other words, the house edge is not designed in your favour. It is not meant to be. The casino has to make their money somehow. The one thing that can increase your chances is knowing how to play your game of choice. The odds are not going to just magically appear in your favour. You can beat the house odds, you just have the know-how. You also have to understand that gaining the house edge in your favour is an uphill climb. You have to place bets on the games that will be in your favour and know how much. Now, you are not going to become a millionaire doing that. You will(to put things into perspective) increase your bankroll in small amounts over time. Below you will find a few games where the house edge does work in your favour.

1) American Roulette

You can play the in-house versions or go online and stream tables live. The house edge is a little over 5%. There are two more versions of Roulette, but this comes first due to the higher per cent. American Roulette has 38 pockets. The double zeroes increase the odds of you winning at a much higher probability rate. The return for playing is about 95%, even though their odds of losing versus winning are increased. That is why this game is in the top five or ten games players choose.

2) Caribbean Stud Poker

The casino’s house edge is less than 4% if you use optimal strategies. Players, according to many casino experts, have folded 47% of the time and raised more than 50%. Dealer’s hands are going to disqualify at least 23% of the time. The dealer only wins maybe 13% of the time. Those are very good odds if you think about it. There are two rules you have to follow for that to work. It is best to raise when you have a pair or higher. You have to fold if you have less than the dealer. Say, for example, the dealer’s hand is an Ace and King. Anyone who has less than that has to fold. In most cases, there is nothing more than that. Once the dealer has that, it is game over. You are done. That is why most casino experts say that you need a very good strategy for the odds to work in your favour. That is also what puts this game in the top five.

3) Three-Card Poker

This is another example where the house edge is less than 4% if you play your cards right(no pun intended). The dealer will only qualify to win if he or she has a Queen or higher. That is what makes the odds work in your favour (for the most part). However, if the dealer does not qualify, you only get a 1 to 1 ratio payout for the ante, and that is still better than a lot of games. The reason this game works in your favour is due to the higher cards being the winner. It is usually the other way around for dealers.

4) European Roulette

The casino advantage here is only 2.7%. The losing streak might be lower here, but you still have to play carefully. You land on a red or black zero, you are done. You will have a much better outcome for playing French Roulette. The reason is that there are even odds with zero.

5) BlackJack

The casino edge here is less than 1%. However, you do have to play using skills and at least a basic strategy. Almost every skilled BlackJack player has turned their losses into wins over a longer period. This is one game where longevity does work in your favour. The other way to make sure you have the edge over the house is knowing the rules. There are different variations of BlackJack and not every version works the same. You have to know how the table rules work if you want more wins than losses. Otherwise, the house will take the edge, and you lose. You also have to remember that splitting and doubling is going to require more money for the bet. That also means more risk. You have to make sure your strategy is lined up with the basic rules and strategies for the table. The other difference is knowing that the dealer reshuffles before every hand. Playing in a live casino is different. The dealer plays the hand until the mark is hit. That basic difference plays a role in whether or not you have a desired edge over the house or not.

How to take calculated betting risks

The Nature of Gambling: How to Protect Yourself

Gambling is everywhere. From the local pub to the casinos in Las Vegas, gambling is a huge industry. In addition, what many people don’t realize is that gambling can be dangerous. Whether you’re playing at home or in a casino, there are things you need to know about safeguarding your money and your happiness. This guide will help you understand exactly what makes gambling so addictive and will teach you how to protect yourself.

Understand the psychology behind gambling:

Understanding the psychology behind gambling is the key to helping yourself or a loved one to take the right risks. The more you can understand the psychology behind gambling, the easier it will be for you to control your gambling habits. It might seem intuitive that the more money you have to lose the more you will enjoy playing, but determining if this is actually true can be extremely tricky. People place bets on a wide variety of things, including politics, world events, sports, and even the lottery. For example, if someone is invited to play the lottery, the odds are in their favor. But what if they then spend a fortune on lottery tickets and then lose their entire fortune? Or what if they were going to win $100,000 in the lottery and then ended up only redeeming $50,000 because there was a glitch in the machine. This kind of situation can sometimes become very frustrating and can lead to gambling problems. When we gamble, we are engaging in an activity that is designed to test our cognitive abilities and our ability to learn. These tests are also designed to make us feel good and to provide a psychological reward. The value supplied by the game need not be small, so our new behavior is designed to make us feel at home. In all of this, we are betting our money—and our time. When we lose (or win) we are going to feel the negative effects of that decision, whether it be disappointment at losing (or winning) money, regret over losing time, or anger at having lost something we valued very much. All of these emotions will be negative and if not managed appropriately. Because gamblers are expected to take a gamble and that gamble is for little money (up to 4 cents on the dollar), losses can become more costly and harmful.

Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose:

A lot of people are tempted to gamble with money they can’t afford to lose because they’re chasing the big win. Don’t do this. It’s not worth it. If you’re going to gamble, do it with money you don’t mind losing. If you win, great. You can build on that win or you can walk away with some extra cash. If you lose, you don’t walk away from a win. It’s okay to walk away from a deal. In fact, it’s better to walk away from a deal than to accept a deal that doesn’t work for you. Many people make the mistake of taking any deal they can get because they’re desperate. Even if a project fits your goals and the numbers work, you want to say “no.” When you say “no,” you also prevent yourself from becoming addicted and destroying any chance of you making it big at all. If you can keep discipline enough, this will ensure that the odds will be a lot greater for you to win.

Be mindful of how much time you spend gambling:

Gambling can be enjoyable with friends, but it can also be a dangerous addiction if not managed correctly. Too much of anything is not good. If you can find yourself spending more time gambling than you initially intended or if you find yourself spending larger sums of money, you might want to re-evaluate. It is important to know that if you ever feel like you have an unhealthy relationship with gambling, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. It’s something to do with the money. Losing money at the casino can indeed be thrilling. But financial losses (and sometimes even money problems) can come from different areas of your life. One of the most common areas of financial stress for people who are addicted to gambling is spending money frivolously. These people may reduce their spending to nothing and could face challenges down the line. Next, it’s important to think about how gambling affects your life — it can be relaxing, exciting, or even challenging. Playing at home is a great way to enjoy yourself without having to worry about strangers. But when you are playing at a casino, there are things you know you shouldn’t be doing. So, ensure you do the right research and that you use your time wisely.


Don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. Some people think they’re going to find a way to make a lot of money quickly with no risk by going to a casino and gambling. People like that generally lose a lot of money. If you do put a lot of money into a game ensure you use capital that whether win or lose you are not affected. That doesn’t mean gambling is a bad thing if you adopt certain safety measures. It is still important to do proper research into the products you’re using. This knowledge will allow you to make an informed decision about whether they are right for you. Unfortunately, not all products are created equal. Before you even place your bet, you need to determine if your device is gambling-safe. Devices don’t have the same risks that people do, so it is important to find a similar product in your field of endeavor. Depending on the terms of service of that device, you may need to take additional precautions such as adding additional layers of security for your account, changing passwords, or implementing two-factor authentication.

The Best Online Slots in New Zealand

There are fewer land-based casinos in New Zealand, but with the online slots, playing is made and available everywhere and anywhere at your own time. You can play many games online with your phone, computer, or tablet. Each game has its set rules and guidelines that you need to understand before attempting to play. With the slot machine, you can always bet on the outcome of the spins to win. When you are new in the betting world, it is wise looking out for minimum deposit casinos in New Zealand that can offer free spins promotions to try the game before you gain confidence. With the availability of many online slots choosing a game can be challenging. To help you with that, we will discuss the best online slots in New Zealand to choose from

Gods of Gold InfiniReels

Gods of Gold InfiniReels is a famous game in New Zealand among those who like historical themes. The setting of the game is of the tomb of the great king-pharaoh of Mesopotamia. NetEnt developed this game, and it consists of 27 pay lines. It has three reels that you use to start the game, and for you to win, more reels should be added. It also has a mini-map that guides you in playing and a symbol counter that shows the winning length of the symbols in display and how to win through a given symbol. The symbols in this game are either of low or high value with inclusions of both gemstones and god characters. Each character is four in number. You can bet with a minimum of 20p and a maximum of 200 dollars in each spin with autoplay allowing you 1000 spins as the top choice. Only four reels can display wild symbols, and you can earn 160 times the original amount your bet for a 10-symbol combo. There’s a wild symbol that you can use in place of the other symbols except scatter, and it starts to appear on the fourth reel. With three scatter icons on the reel, you get free spins to earn you up to 20 spins. When you have re-spins, which randomly comes when the winning combination is over, and the increase of reels stop, you have a guarantee of winning. The jackpot, which is 25000 times the original bet in each spin, is the maximum win limit.

Major Millions Progressive

If you are looking for a game that will make you a millionaire faster, try the Major Millions Progressive. Major Millions Progressive is developed by Microgaming. The slot game has an army theme with 15 pay lines that are fixed and five reels. The scatter symbols are the only paying symbols that can earn you in whatever place they are on the reels. The symbols in this game are medals, top-secret, major cap, and bar ammunition. Even though it has several scatter coins, they cannot earn bonus features but can pay you regardless of their place on the reels. The wilds symbols, which can replace the other symbols excluding scatter, can earn you triple your bet. Also, with three symbols in one pay line, you can earn 80 coins. You can place a bet of 15 coins per spin with each coin having a minimum value of 0.2 and a maximum of 3. To use the autoplay in this game, play using the expert mode, and to know the meter for earning jackpot game, look at the top of the screen. To win in the first round, have three same symbols land on the first three reels and increase your win size land from four symbols because a more significant number of symbols earn you more coins. Note that scatter earnings are added to the pay line wins and know that scatter wins are multiplied by the original bet you place on the spin. Also, to win a jackpot in this game, you must have five wilds landing on the 15th pay lines. You also need to place the highest bet to win.

Royals Mint Megaways

Royals Mint Megaways is created by the Big Time Gaming and has the British royal mint features with excellent visuals that include cherry blossom trees and a royal mint house. The game incorporates an audio song to reduce boredom when playing. It has six reels,117649 pay lines, and seven symbols with two reels as a bonus of 1 by 4 for the regions over or under it but get the Tripple reaction trigger. To play, first, choose the betting price for the spin. After that, hit the play button using a single reel spin, but you can also use the autoplay button to play with a maximum of 100 spins automatically. Royal mint has alphabetic symbols like M, I, N, and T with low-value cards being 9,10, K, Q, A, and J. the symbols of higher values are in Green, purple, blue, and red colors. With six purple gemstones, you can win 50 times the bet, and a regular win requires just two purple stones. The game also includes free spins, reactions, and heart-stopper. If you get free spins, which is the scatter symbol containing MINT’s correct spelling, you earn 12 free spins. Scatter earns a golden bar, and if you earn 40 gold bars, you get more scatters in each spin until the next round of free spin, which is a heart-stopper. For multiplier, three will earn four free spins that will each earn three more free spins.

The White Rabbit Megaways

Constructed by the Big Time Gaming company, the White Rabbit has good bonuses, with a high earning possibility of more than 10000 times the bet you place. It has a pay line between 16807 and 248832 with five reels and includes an autoplay option, Tweedledum, Dodo, Mad hatter, and Tweedledee. It includes symbols of royal cards and colored gems with low-value cards ranging from 9 to Ace and the medium value consisting of red, green, and blue gems. The maximum value symbol with a win of 25 times the original bet is the Red Queen. It has to scatter symbols of march hare, so when you land on reels from 2 in a spin, you activate the Rabbit Hole that earns you free 15 spins. The wilds multiply 4 of the lands from 2, giving you up to 81 times the bet and earning free spins, which is the Rabbit hole. The cupcakes have to land the reels to get two new symbols that increase by one. Caterpillar wilds wake up unexpectedly to blow smoke rings and earn bonus wild when they land on the reels can multiple 2-3 times when you add similar wilds. To extend the reels, they have to be 12 triggered symbols to earn 3-12 free spins and the drop which allows players to buy free spins at a price that is 100 times the highest value when they have enough balance. If you land on Red Queen, you will win 25 times the bet of five symbols in a played line


Knowing the best online slot games will help you know which one to place a bet on to avoid losing your money. Look at each game’s features, their maximum win, and the one that is easy to play to help you settle for a game that will be fun playing and multiply your bet.

Understanding the Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are widespread. It’s what makes a player come back to the same site. Casinos know this and use it to their best. The most popular ones are welcome bonuses that you get when you first sign up for a game on a new site. And you can get as much as a 100% bonus or even more. But there’s always a catch, and as a new player, you must understand the T&Cs.

Most of the time, it’s usually too late before the player notes the catch. It would be best if you met the conditions first. Wagering requirements usually accompany a bonus. A wagering requirement is simply the number of times the casino allows you to play before making any cash withdrawal.

In this article, we look at the different bonuses offered and try to understand them individually. For starters, each casino site offers a unique bonus to ensure that you commit to their site. The offers can be very tempting and, sometimes, too good to be true.

What to look for in bonuses

1. The size of the bonus

With most bonuses, you must look at the amount they offer. It can be cash bonuses or percentages, the more significant the amount, the better. As a rule, look into the bonuses that allow you to deposit low amounts and still get an impressive bonus. For example, with as little a $5 deposit, and you get up to 30 bonus offers, then that’s a good bonus. It would be best if you went for bonuses with a 100% bonus.

2. Go through the wagering requirements

Some requirements may be impossible to achieve. But sometimes, it is pretty hard to note the small details—an excellent example of the term that is used in the offer. A site may offer you a bonus and ask you to wager x10 times the deposit and the bonus. Please don’t assume that it means ten times because it doesn’t. It means 20times. If you’re not careful, you will fall victim to the ignorance of the terms.

3. How long is it valid?

With a wagering requirement of say, 60 times, the validity period needs to be reasonable enough to accommodate the requirement. But if the water is 60 and valid for only 24hours, it’s unrealistic to accept the offer. Look for a bonus with enough time. Remember, it’s not a must you accept a bonus. You should move on if it doesn’t suit you.

4. Games offered

Not all bonuses are for any games; some have specific games that you should play. You must go through the list of games and find one you like to play. That way, it won’t be hard fulfilling the wager requirements, and you still have fun.

But that’s not all. Ensure you go through all the T&Cs and clearly understand them detail by detail. You mustn’t ignore even minute details. And as an added precaution, only accept deals from legal sites.

Here are the top types of bonuses available:

5. Free spins

Free spins are a rising trend in most online casinos. Free spins are usually offered to existing players, but lately, even new players. It’s to make you try out the different video slots available. When a slot comes out, you get a free spin to make you try them. Although some do come with wagering requirements, most of them do not, that’s what makes them so popular. Free spins can be in various forms, including cash spins.

To make the deal even sweeter, a casino can offer you no deposit free spins. But it doesn’t end there. You can get a welcome bonus with as many spins as possible. Sometimes even up to 100 spins. And depending on the T&Cs, you can withdraw the winnings you stem from them.

Other sights will offer more than 70 spins, and you can claim as much as $100 based on the terms and conditions offered on their sights. The offers will change concerning the competitions and the wins to the withdrawals made by their playing customers.

6. Welcome bonuses

As mentioned in the intro, these are the most common ones. Some sites use the term sign in bonuses, but they mean the same thing. Every site offers it once to a player, and this includes a bonus is a deposit bonus. You get the offer as soon as you make your first deposit. The most site offers 100% bonuses, and it doubles your deposit immediately.

Although the wagering requirements differ from site to site, most require you to play with all the bonuses you get before you can withdraw or spend a fixed period on the site. Especially if the offer is significant, the good news here is that; jackpots are usually not far away, and you can win big with this offer.

The offer may be lower in some sites than others but still carry the same benefits before accepting a welcome bonus, fish around for the best one available.

7. No deposit bonuses

It’s also a sign-up bonus just that it doesn’t require you to deposit anything. But you still need to sign up for an account to get the bonus. Interestingly, it means you can gamble freely at an online casino. And to top it all, it’s the right way for you to try the sample version in a trial and error game. It’s a fun way to find out which games you like. You have nothing to lose.

What makes this the best offer is the fact that you can still win big using it. But before withdrawing, you must make a deposit first. And go through the T&C and wagering requirements as well.

8. Multiple deposit bonuses

Like the term, the more deposits you make, the more bonuses you get. And most of them come in the form of cash bonuses. It’s a favorite in the gambling world as most believe that the more they get, the better. You can get free cash up to the 5th deposit you make. Amazing right?

9. Payment method bonuses

You can earn this bonus when you make payments using the preferred methods of a casino. Typically, the casino provides a list of payment options for you to choose from it. It’s pretty standard, and it’s mostly to make more and more people use the methods. That is still great because you earn by not doing much.

10. High roller bonuses

It’s more of a VIP bonus. If you go big on deposits and take gambling seriously enough, then this is a bonus for you. High rollers are mostly not pleased with small bonuses, considering the amount of cash they spend playing, and bigger bonuses suit them. Most casinos offer these bonuses for high stake games.

But that’s the only perks high rollers enjoy. Casinos also tend to offer holiday tickets or sports events tickets as bonuses. Sometimes, you can win electronics. Interestingly, these offers are open to everyone—the more time you spend in these casinos, the higher your chances of getting these bonuses.

Bonuses are a great way to get yourself near big jackpots. If you use your bonuses wisely, the possibilities of winning are endless. But all in all, choose these bonuses well. You don’t have to take all the bonuses. Only accept the ones that best work for you and possible for you to win big. And a good thing to look for is the credibility of an online casino. If an online casino site is shady, then withdraw as soon as possible to prevent making losses. Otherwise, have fun the next time you play and use the tips on this article to make your gambling skills even better.

The Top 4 Most Popular Online Casinos in New Zealand

Did you know that the practice of gambling in New Zealand dated back before the 19th century? Back then, New Zealanders took on the game of luck and chance through making bets on various sports and races.

Well, everything back then demanded a physical presence. Even for some today, the first thought in their minds when they think about gambling is most probably a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, where the casino nightlife is more than an epic experience. But do you know you can get a similar thrill and experience when you gamble at the right online casino?

You can gain access to more than one geographical spot. Now, the real question is, how do you select the best online casino? An online gambling fan may advise you to look out for the free spins, bonuses, and offers various casino sites provide. More than that, you need to make sure that the online casino you choose has a good selection of games, and ensures your privacy and security at all times. Here is a quick guide on some of the most eligible online casinos in New Zealand that can offer you a great experience.

Jackpot City Casino

JackpotCity online is a fantastic gaming destination that inspires the thoughts of Las Vegas due to its incredible opportunities. The site offers players numerous gaming options in a language easy to understand in a casino establishment. It also does not hold back on the currency options.

JackpotCity Online Casino has a downloadable gaming option feature allowing you to play more than 450 games from the comfort of your living room. Some of the classic games you can enjoy include blackjack, pokies, video poker, various versions of roulette, and many more.

It also comes with an instant access browser gaming option. However, gaming titles are limited to about 250 games. Still, the number is enough to give you an amazing and thrilling experience. The gaming site has several options you can choose to play, such as single games, multi-hand games, live tournaments, jackpots, and mega spin pokies, among other possibilities.

To get started, you only need to register and create an account. You can choose to start with the free games on offer or make a deposit using the several payment options that the site offers.

Bonuses and Incentives

Immediately you create an account and make your first deposit; the site awards you with a welcome bonus. You will also receive a gift upon making a second deposit. Additionally, you will become eligible for exciting promotions, casino credits, special offers, loyalty rewards, and free spins for becoming a regular player.

Gaming Software

The quality of the games by JackpotCity is of top quality, partly due to their use of suitable software by Microgaming, one of the leading game software developers. The games are in their highest video quality, use significant special effects and sound. The game interface is easy to navigate, and the playing action is seamless.

The site now offers a live-action table, where you can receive cards from a live casino dealer enhancing the realistic effects.

Convenient Real Money Banking

The online casino guarantees safe online banking transactions since an SSL data encryption technology covers it. Third parties can, therefore, not have access to any personal information as well as banking details. Some of the payment methods on offer include Visa and MasterCard, prepaid cards and e-wallets such as Neteller.

The online casino only allows you to withdraw your winnings back to the account you used to make a deposit. However, if there is a payment option that does not allow the receipt of winnings, you will get a choice to enable you to make a withdrawal.

888 Online Casino

888 online casino has a remarkable range of bonuses and promotional offers upon signing up. The site has a blend of exciting top-notch games that you can play from anywhere in the world. Its most attractive feature is its 3D web-based casino, which is the first of its kind in the world.

The online casino allows you to create your gaming avatars and participate in your favourite 3D games while leading the life of a high-roller in Las Vegas online.

Gaming options

The gaming platform is divided into various gaming subsidiaries that include casinos, sport, poker, live dealer, and Games. Depending on your preference, you can choose to enjoy the games from a mobile app or access the site from a browser.

The online casino offers some of the game favourites for casino gamblers such as video poker, slots, roulette, craps, Baccarat games, and Blackjack, among others. You can play live-dealer games that will give you the realistic experience of a casino.

As a player, you can choose to select the casino dealer you want. Moreover, you can interact with other players online through chats and games.

Bonus and Incentive

The 888 online casino provides you with a welcome bonus upon making your first deposit. There are also some premium bonuses for the first five deposits, but you have to claim them from the cashier. There are other available promotions every day. However, the cash bonuses and promotions that the site offers are meant to keep you playing. For example, winning a game of roulette gives you an advantage over winning a game of spins.

Banking options

The site offers several banking options that you can choose to use, such as visa and MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafecard, Entropay, apple pay, and bank transfer. They guarantee safety to your details. You can deposit with any account. However, not all accounts can make a withdrawal. The website uses SSL encryption to ensure that you receive your money efficiently.

Cosmo Casino

Cosmo casino dominated the New Zealand market with its range of micro gaming titles and exclusive bonuses for both new and existing uses. With more than 800 games, you cannot lack a game to play and enjoy. The gaming menu at Cosmo Casino is broken down into five gaming options: blackjack, video poker, progressive jackpots, roulette, and online slots.

Bonuses and offers

The casino will reward you with bonuses from the moment you sign up and make your first deposit. By making an initial deposit of $10 or more, you will receive a welcome bonus of about $100. The gaming offers are meant to make you keep playing the games. A good example is you can earn VIP points as you keep on playing that you can redeem in your favourite games.

Mobile Friendly

The game allows you to enjoy a fantastic experience using your mobile device regardless of your location. It does not compromise on the quality of the graphics as they are similar to that of your computer. However, the mobile application does not contain all the games. You can confirm if your favourite game is available before downloading the app.


Cosmo Casino guarantees the safety of your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. For that, they store their data using 128-bit encryption. They also have eCOGRA’S seal of approval, and they receive occasional audits by an independent body.

Casino Kingdom

Casino Kingdom is now one of the most talked-about online platforms with many offers to new players. But what makes them exciting?

Game selection

The website hosts the best gaming options by Microgaming, which is an industry leader in the gaming field. The Casino Kingdom has more than 550 games on the platform, and they update and refresh new and exciting games every month.

The games include Roulette, Pokies, Video Poker, Blackjack, and dealer games, among others. The most popular of them all is Mega Moolah, a game that always has a jackpot of over $1 million. More importantly, the graphics of the game are excellent, and the page’s functionality and navigation system were easy to use.

Bonuses and Offers

Upon signing up, the casino offers you a free spin to play any game that you want. The free spin is not limited to the Mega Vault Millionaire or the Mega Moolah games that you can play and win a million.

Additionally, when you deposit one dollar, you will get rewarded with 40 spins. The second deposit, too, comes with a 100 per cent bonus.

Safety And Security

The casino Kingdom uses a 128- bit encryption to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure. They are also a member of the gaming council, thereby providing you with the confidence of a transparent and reliable experience.

If you are on the lookout for the best online casinos in New Zealand and you want one that ticks all your boxes right, you should consider the above four platforms. The sign-up process is simple for all of them, and the bonuses and benefits they offer are unlike any other. You will get to enjoy your gambling experience while having the comfort of safety and convenience.

Online Casinos Vs. Land Based Casinos

In today’s society, there are so many choices one can make about the luxurious world of gambling entertainment. In New Zealand, one has access to multiple casinos to give you the comfortability of playing on a pokie(New Zealand Slang for a Slot Machine) while drinking on a refreshing and cold alcoholic beverage. Or one may choose to play something more daring, such as texas hold’em, blackjack, or roulette, to gain better chances of winning the big hit, that lucky house hand over of a large sum of money to go home with.

But, even with all the entertainment that a casino offers, sometimes one may want to sit back, just getting off work and not wishing to go out for entertainment purposes. In this case, the prospect of online gambling, of the online casino experience that gives rise to better probability chances of winning that next virtual hand. Sometimes, with a stroke of your finger up the glass of your android or iPhone, the ability to gain instantaneous deposits of quick wins makes it much easier to avoid the crowd, and prevent having to buy that next drink on the house for the person next to you that just saw you win.

There are various casinos in New Zealand, from the glorious “SKYCITY” brand, located in Auckland, Queenstown, and Hamilton; to others such as Dunedin and Christchurch, all offering a level of entertainment that is unrivaled in terms of luxury, fast-paced hand to table action. The level of experience to be gained from simply being in the environment is enough to offer one unforgettable memory and moments in time that one will never forget.

In the online realm, there are a few remarkable advantages to be had for those that want to skip the traditional, old-fashioned ambiance that original gamblers may not even be aware are. The first is the bonus, in which an online casino makes it much easier to gain an upper hand concerning tipping the wins in your favor. The negative aspect of having an advantage concerning the bonus is the wagering requirements that are put on the gambler to gain such an advantage. For example, if one were to gain a $300 USD bonus, the wagering requirement would be that a 20x bet would have to be placed into motion to cash out the winnings. This makes the old-fashioned casino a more viable option in terms of stability if there is even such a definition in the world of fast-paced entertainment.

The second advantage to be had for the online casino entrepreneurs is overall Jackpot payouts. The online casinos have international rules and regulations, which give the ability to be daring, sometimes having a coalition of casinos on board, increasing the jackpots to be had. For more traditional casinos, the restrictions in place to keep the house from losing a large sum of money prevent them from increasing jackpots for potential winnings. Although this is true, sometimes the increased chances to win the jackpot come with more daring chances to add on various options to increase potential winnings; in respect, the options themselves also become to pitfall to extreme losses as well if one were to select such options, thereby also making traditional casinos a more stable operation.

One remarkable advantage that comes with the traditional brick and mortar casinos, is payout time. While this may seem like a slight issue, it can cause the loss of customers concerning the online realm. It may take several business days to receive your payout, and in the world of gambling, the winnings in which one receives should be instantaneous. In what state of mind should one wait in an action-packed environment to receive their pay. Online casinos have to abide by international standards, and having to combine coalitions of various banks, the process can be filled with red tape. This gives traditional casinos a major advantage in that particular process, as the banks are largely the casino itself, thereby the only process is from the table to the counter to cash out winnings.

With all of the pros and cons that come with online casinos vs. land-based casinos, there is one advantage that can potentially be the defining factor, and that would be the overall pressure of the game. This is a major advantage for online casinos, as you don’t have the pressure involved with table mates and players, along with the house dealer causing a pressure situation for you and your potential winnings. Take for example you’re rolling the dice, it’s bad, and the table mates cheer it on because their chances have just now increased and you are now in a bad predicament. The sweating ensues, the nervousness overtakes you, and the house sees it, now making modifications to make sure you bet more to take your sudden streak of bad luck to the next level. The online casino does not have that, no dealer to see you falter, no table mate to root on your failures, and no way for the computer to notice any psychological differences because you are not there is a physical form to have it seen.

Overall, it seems like the online casinos aren’t going anywhere, as more and more are going online for quick money, instant satisfaction and gratification. Although this is true, there is also nothing like having an environment where you can walk in, the lights all around, streaking down in a wave of visual stimulation. The audial effects of the pokies going, the things and dings and PSA announcements overhead speaking of the amount of that next winning pot. At the end of the day, there is nothing like the traditional casino; although with the virtual world growing daily, the online community of the next generation of gamblers is closing in on traditional, sly eyed mates that are looking for that next quick win. Which are you going to choose?

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