How Casinos enable gambling addicts

gambling addicts

A casino is a place that has no clocks and you lose track of your time. Though one may argue that it’s up to us how do we act in our lives, you cannot ignore the psychological effect of our surroundings. The flashy lights and the clings of the slot machines, Casinos are designed in such a way that it becomes impossible to navigate. Whatever you see in a Casino has a purpose, whether it’s a wall without a clock or the position of tables and slot machines, they follow a structure to extend your stay and before you know it you are spending enough time already.



We have a natural response to different environmental setups and casino businesses understand that. Before you walk into a Casino, billboards, and hoarding steal attention. Careful graphics beg your attention and activate your reward system. It’s the natural process of your mind, a little curiosity is developed and you get more eager to experience the things the place has to offer.


If you have gambled, it’s an activity to you but inside a Casino, things just get bigger. You will find no clocks or windows diverting your attention to the activities happening inside the house. This proper setup activates your urge to gamble. It establishes a world of its own.


The games are designed in such a way that you keep playing. No matter what is happening in your life, the games prompt interest in you and you are drawn nearer to it. Devoid of any information about the world, the environment inside the casino creates a sense of a little world of its own. In other words, it becomes your world for a day.


From lighting to the position of the machines and tables, casinos follow a certain maze structure that’s intended to extend your stay. The design puts a psychological effect on your brain coercing it to at least check it out. Certain type of lightning is designed in such a way that it gives you a feel to be at home as much as possible. So the next time you think it’s pulling you in, know how it’s designed.



Apart from the design, it usually creates a sense of winning even when you’re losing. If you bet a $1 on the slot machine, you sometimes get 25 cents back with prompts like “ You will win next time” or entails you to try more. These asses your reward system of the brain.

Interesting and risk-taking:

Many of the addicts gamble not just for money but the risk factor. The emotional discharge and adrenaline pump that comes after betting your money are perhaps compared to none. The games are made in such a way that it activates the reflex system of a gambler and there it invokes the risk factor of the gambler.

Promotions and Bonuses:

The sole purpose is to extend your stay. The seasonal or regular bonuses to customers who are regulars are part of the design. This forces them to keep on playing even when they could go home with a decent win.

Promotions and Bonuses

How to control:

Any addiction can be controlled If one is willing to do it. It requires dedication. If you have a plan and an intention to do it, it is possible. Before hitting a casino, keep a specified amount meant for gambling and don’t exceed I and don’t use the borrowed money or the money you can’t afford to lose. Always keep a track of your time and try to maintain a balance with other of your daily activities. If you hit a decent win, head home and don’t continue playing. You will need to start trimming your amount of bet over time and if you’re losing a game continuously, it’s not just your day. Maintain a schedule of your money and cut the amount every time you hit a casino.


We can establish that Casinos enable gambling addicts in a way but that’s not solely the truth and as far as addiction is concerned, it doesn’t go away too soon but with proper dedication and plan, it will surely fade. These days many gamblers are coining a term that’s called “sensible gambling” it requires a person to gamble in such a way that it neither affects his financial life nor his personal life and at the same time allows him to gain a few bucks. If played reasonably, gambling can be a much interesting activity that will not just uplift your skills but also introduce you to a whole new world of gambling.