What are the advantages and role of gambling laws in NZ

gambling laws

Gambling in NewZealand is completely legal with certain regulations. The gambling industry is regulated by the Gambling Commission of the internal ministry of New Zealand. Furthermore, Casinos in Newzealand impose certain restrictions on their players regarding playing and age. It can go as far as having a certain dress code and are usually stringent on imposing those rules. The internal ministry authorizes the business houses to conduct their business and issues them license under the gambling act 2003. The act acts as a control gate for gambling to run out of control and restricts any adverse or fraudulent activities.


Having said that the Casino industry is legit in the island nations, it eases the burden on the shoulder of the gamblers about the processes of the casino. The state laws cover not just the casino but also the player and in case of a conflict, the issue can be brought before the law. So there is no scope for controversies and worries.

The regulation of the industry by the state making the industry and the player secure. Every business has to get a license approved by the government that avoids the popping up of bogus houses. This way the Casino industry gains credibility and you have nothing to worry about whether you’re playing at the right place or not.

The revenue department does not tax your gambling wins. In other words, if you hit a jackpot, all of your money is exempted from tax. So no worry about paying the tax, you can keep the money to yourself.

As long as an online casino is located outside the borders of NewZealand, Kiwis can play, play and cash-out their winnings from the casino. Though the online casinos are not allowed in Newzealand, you can still bet on a foreign online casino and get your money without any problems. The laws of the home country of the casino govern your gambling activity.




Gambling regulation was strengthened after the Gambling Act was passed in 2003. It has had two amendments after that. What does this mean? It implies that the governing body is becoming more flexible and stringent when confronted with gambling processing. The sole purpose of the act is to facilitate the industry so that it fits the fair practices. It also keeps a check on the industry’s growth and can be used to contain the activity if any violation is understood from a particular house. Every casino that operates in NewZealand has to obtain a license from the internal ministry that thoroughly keeps a track of the house.


The act ensures absolute fairness and regulates the industry to act with fair means as far as its customers are concerned. The gambling industry can be fraudulent in a place where there is no such regulating body but in NewZealand, the commission assures the proper implementation of the law and restriction of any unfair /fraudulent gambling activity.

Fair and unfair:

It also sets out other rules of gambling and verdicts what may be called a fair and unfair practice in Gambling. In NewZealand almost every city has its Casino, whether you mention Christchurch or Auckland, the Casinos live up to their names. Certain casinos may have particular kinds of restrictions on the apparel of the player such as Pygammas or flippers, but they have to follow the regulations in unity. The law in NewZealand sets the legal age for Gambling 18, but you can only enter a Casino only when you’re 20.

Online Casino and Age:

Online Casino

The law also bars the establishment of any online casino operating within the borders of NewZealand but as long as you’re an adult, you can play on a foreign online Casino. There is no kind of restriction of any sort.


The role of gambling laws in Newzealand is to ensure a fair gambling industry and discourage any unfair gambling practices. It keeps the check on the industry’s practices and ensures that the house works according to the standards of the society and adheres to the law. Defining the legal age and other practices, the Gambling Commission also defines what may be termed as an illegal or legal practice in gambling.